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Current Projects

Urine Diversion Pilot Project Informational Meetings 

The Town of Falmouth will be conducting a urine diversion pilot project. If you are interested in attending an informational meeting to learn more about the study, please send a note to falmouthudstudy@gmail.com. You can also call Kim Comart at 617-548-6442.  

Five Ways to Preserve the Health of Your Pond 

See this new document we produced for our recent forum. https://www.falmouthpondcoalition.org/resources/homeowners/preserving-your-pond

Learn About Water Issues - Join a Tour!

The Falmouth Pond Coalition organizes educational tours to increase understanding of issues affecting fresh and saltwater ponds, rivers, estuaries, and bays in Falmouth. Among the sites we visit are The Green Center in Falmouth and the Massachusetts Alternative Septic System Test Center in Mashpee. Please contact us at falmouthpondcoalition@gmail.com if you are interested in either of these tours or if you have other educational sites to recommend. 

Saving our Waters by Installing Eco-Toilets and Urine Diversion Devices

Keeping urine out of our ponds, rivers, estuaries, and bays will do more to protect our waters than anything else we can do, including banning the use of fertilizers, installing Innovative/Alternative (I/A) septic systems, limiting road runoff, etc. Eco-toilets that divert urine or incinerate waste are a great option. Check out these links for the Wostman Eco-Flush and the Cinderella Comfort. Please contact falmouthpondcoalition@gmail.com for more information.   

In the News...

Falmouth Enterprise - Feb 9, 2024

Falmouth Water Quality Committee Endorses Urine-Diversion Pilot

The water quality management committee officially recommended that the select board support a citizens petition article that would fund a urine-diversion pilot project. The committee and its partners have been planning this pilot for months, and Town Meeting members will vote on whether to appropriate $1.9 million for the project in April. 

Falmouth Enterprise - Feb 2, 2024

Climate Wise: Putting Urine To Work For Us 

By Hilda Maingay and Earle Barnhart 

Most of the nitrogen and phosphorus in our wastewater that pollutes our ponds and estuaries comes from one concentrated source: urine. A full 80 percent of the nitrogen in the wastewater is from urine, but urine is only 1 percent of the volume of residential wastewater—120 gallons per person per year. If that urine is diverted from the waste stream and collected, it will not go into the environment and pollute downstream ponds and estuaries. But if Falmouth does a urine-diversion pilot project and diverts the urine of 100 people from 50 homes, the question arises, “What do you do with that urine?” 

Falmouth Enterprise - Feb 1, 2024

Falmouth Select Board Creates Committee To Champion Town's Fresh Water Ponds 

The Select Board voted this week to create a new freshwater ponds advisory committee, tasked with finding solutions to pollution that is stifling freshwater quality across Falmouth.


This committee will be the first of its kind in protecting the town’s freshwater ponds. Town Manager Michael Renshaw suggested the select board appoint five committee members when it interviews prospective candidates at a future meeting. The board will vote on committee members once residents have had the opportunity to see the advertisements and apply to volunteer.

Falmouth Enterprise - Jan. 26, 2024

APCC: Water Quality In Cape Bays, Ponds Remained Poor In 2023

The Association to Preserve Cape Cod has released its annual State of the Waters report, a wide-ranging study of water quality across the Cape, and the results are mixed. The quality of public drinking water is generally good, but the percentage of coastal embayments and freshwater ponds with poor water quality in 2023 remained steady from the previous year, when the association listed 90 percent of bays and roughly 40 percent of ponds as “unacceptable.” 

Falmouth Enterprise - Jan. 25, 2024

Ashumet Pond Worst In State PFAS Report

Ashumet Pond had the highest concentrations of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in surface waters and fish tissue of any of the 52 water bodies tested in the state. Those facts were reported in December by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection. 


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