About Us

To Protect and Preserve Falmouth’s Freshwater Ponds through Organizing, Partnership and Education


Incorporated as a nonprofit organization in 2022, the Falmouth Pond Coalition (FPC) is focused on freshwater ponds because many are degraded or are at risk of becoming degraded, and because our freshwater ponds have received less attention and resources than Falmouth’s bays, estuaries, rivers, and saltwater ponds.


The FPC helps pond neighbors form and expand “friends” groups and launch water testing programs. We help pond residents share information with their neighbors about the primary causes of pond degradation -- septic systems, fertilizers, stormwater, invasive plants, and poor property management. We recommend action steps and solutions. We provide sample fliers, outreach letters, fact sheets, and fundraising advice. We work with pond groups to identify experts to help develop pond management plans. Finally, we collaborate with local, regional, and state government officials to advance our mission.